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Where does it begin?

I started to use milkweed on my professional web site more or less just because I wanted to get an image up. I very quickly fell in love with the image. There is of course the obvious thing: it is a plant and therapy is about growth and change.

Common Milkweed is more special than that. It is the only place Monarch butterflies will lay their eggs. It is native to Wisconsin. It's life is in constant transition, and I am fascinated with all of the stages.

These are almost empty pods. They opened up when the fluff topped seeds were ready to take flight. There are still a few seeds waiting to leave the pod. Seeds go at their own pace.

Because the Monarch population is on the decline, I want to do my best to grow milkweed. Try as I may to plant the seeds in the flower beds, they insist upon growing along the driveway fence and in the middle of the lawn. They seem happiest when they have chosen which environment to thrive in. Who am I to argue with a plant?

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